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In 1992 the idea was developed to start a specialised club for Lovebird breeders and keepers. This idea seemed interesting enough to about two hundred people, so the official starting date became November 1st, 1992.

The aims of the society are to unite all Lovebird breeders and to promote the breeding and showing of the species, among others by publishing a bi-monthly magazine and by co-operating with national and foreign organisations striving for the same goal.

Our first show was held in September 1993 in a little village called Delle-Winksele (Belgium) 250 Lovebirds of various species could be admired. The first five years were not too easy. To run a club, money is needed and funds were not always available. At certain times some Committee members took an extra job for a few nights to be able to pay for the printing of the next edition of the magazine. It has been worth the trouble however. We now have more than 1000 members.

By means of the bi-monthy magazine (colour print with plenty of photographs) we provide information about the various species and their colour mutations. More than one new colour mutation has been introduced to the world this way. This information aims at both the beginner and the experienced breeder. To keep our information up to date we co-operate with different societies from several countries and with breeders from Belgium and from abroad.

Yet another important goal of the BVA has become the defense of the interests of the Lovebird breeder and exhibitor. Upon the initial suggestions of BVA all Belgian and Dutch major national societies now use the same name for the same colour mutations. This of course makes it much easier for the individual exhibitor. Now even at a local bird show level lovebirds gets the attention as well as the name they deserve. Since 1999, the BVA have their own judges. The BVA judges are judging at several international shows.

Our annual International Show, the BVA Masters, has grown to become one of the largest (if not the largest) Lovebird Shows worldwide. Nowadays held in a larger location (St Paulus hall in Aalst, Belgium) last year more than 2400 birds were shown. Visitors came from as far away as Chili, Brazil, US, China, Japan, South Africa etc. Our Show has become a “must” for the serious Lovebird breeder.

In 2015, the BVA became the BVA International and we have several sister societies worldwide. More info:

For the Committee as well as for several members the BVA has become much more than a hobby. It is a closely united circle of friends with one passion only: the genus Agapornis

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